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Chattanooga Stand is a community visioning initiative for the Chattanooga region. Our mission is to engage community members to express their ideas for the future, organize around common purposes and translate vision into action.

Stand is about you:
your neighborhood, your community, your region.

A visioning process begins by bringing the future of a place into the hands of its people—recording needs and successes through surveys, open dialogue and community forums. In 2008, Stand gathered 26,263 four-question surveys from residents across the Chattanooga region, constituting the world’s largest survey-based community visioning effort.

The input from thousands of community members lay out an important set of shared values and ideas for the future of our region. More importantly, the survey results are available to anyone who wants to help, enabling groups to form around particular issues to support and strengthen each other. Community change starts with people speaking up, standing up, standing together. It’s that simple and that powerful.

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26,263 Voices Strong

The responses to the 26,263 Stand surveys provide fresh insight into our community’s present needs and values, its dreams and aspirations. This is the beginning of a new vision for the built, economic, environmental, learning and social future of the Chattanooga region. This vision ensures that:


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Stand is a community visioning effort. By Chattanoogans, for Chattanoogans.

Twenty-eights years ago, Chattanooga reached a crossroads. Facing economic, environmental and social challenges, a handful of Chattanoogans rallied a few thousand citizens to identify problems and possibilities. This process established a legacy of visioning in our community and played a significant role in the remarkable turnaround of Chattanooga’s downtown in the years that followed.

Community investment of over $800 million and more than 200 projects and programs laid the groundwork for the recent multi-million dollar economic announcements and a community that is succeeding in spite of a national recession.

Building on the monumental foundation of Vision 2000 and Revision, Stand was conceived in July of 2008 by concerned citizens driven to create a shared vision for the future of their community. Stand began with a four-question survey and an initial goal of collecting responses from 25,000 residents across the Chattanooga region.

On September 30, 2009, Stand closed its survey phase with a total of 26,263 completed surveys, positioning the Stand survey as the world’s largest questionnaire-based visioning process on record.

The Center for Applied Social Research at UTC processed and coded the survey responses resulting in over 1.3 million individual data points. In April of 2010, Stand released an executive summary of key findings as well as a downloadable data set, which can be searched based on zip code, demographics, or a particular area of interest. This data can and should be built upon.

Chattanooga Stand promoted key findings from the survey and developed creative ways to drive conversation and influence agendas. From 2010 through 2011, the Stand team engaged hundreds of individuals in meaningful action by providing new platforms for exchanging ideas, connecting emerging leadership, and facilitating new initiatives and community partnerships. To learn more, visit the projects section.

Core support for Stand was generously provided by the Lyndhurst Foundation, the Benwood Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga. CreateHere provided physical space, people power, and organizational resources for the project. Stand operated under the guidance of a seven-member Advisory Board and twelve-member Community Roundtable.

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